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Articles & Videos

Articles, videos or suggestions for links may be submitted to the website committe by any member of the CEB-US on any subject pertinent to the Epagneul Breton, hunting, dog training, breeding or personal experiences. We reserve the right to edit for content and grammar. Please keep articles to approximately 500 words. See Publications for more information on editorial policies.


Conformation Shows  101 by Lynda Kieres

Coulé/ Flush (Permission granted by Michael Comte)

Having a Successful Local UKC Field Trial by Fred Overby

Transporting Dogs by Linda Kieres


The History of the French Brittany, featuring a discussion with CEB member Fred Overby on The Hunting Dog Podcast

Agility Training Video

Pointing Dogs Open Braced Liberated Video

‪Pointing Dog Open Solo Wild Video

Pointing Dog Open Solo Liberated Video

YouTube Videos

The CEB-US You Tube video channel showcases CEB-US members' videos of their Epagneul Bretons. The first video features agility training. To submit videos for consideration, please see Publications - "Guidelines for Web Site Submissions."