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Hip Certification

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and the University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program (PennHIP) keep registries of hip certifications for dogs in the United States. In 2006, the OFA approved a separate breed code for the Epagneul Breton. PennHIP also has a separate database for the Epagneul Breton, but owners may need to request that PennHIP enter their dog's data with the correct code. See the Request Form.

The CEB-US provides the following hip certification information as a service to our members. Information listed is based on documentation provided by our members from the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA) or the University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program (PennHIP).

See OFA Hip Certification List

See PennHIP Certification List

If you would like to add or update your dog's information for the web site, please send a copy of the certificate or report from the organization that certified your dog's hips (OFA or PennHIP). This certification should include:

               • dog owner's name and address

               • dog's UKC registered name and UKC registration number

               • dog's sex and date of birth

               • OFA registration number or PennHIP reference number

               • certifying organization's hip evaluation results

If your certificate does not show a UKC registration number, also provide a copy of your UKC registration.

Email information to:  CEB-US Hip Certification